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Xi'an warm mountain Cannes residential buildings 14#
Date:2016-01-10 17:01:27    Hits:6098

Cannes Garden residential 14#was  located in Xi'an City Binhe Road. It was  invested and constructed by Xi'an City Fuxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. surveyed by Comprehensive Survey and design Institute of the northwest investigation,designed by Beijing Kdke Architectural Design Co., Ltd. , constructed by Erjian construction in Shaanxi Province, supervised by Shaanxi built West North Engineering supervision Co., Ltd. , and the project manager was  Li Yong.It started on July 31, 2013, and was completed on January 10, 2010.The project has won the China Construction Industry Association AAA level Safety Integrity of Civilization Site, New Technology Demonstration Project of the construction of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province Construction Quality Structural Engineering,Xi'an city Quality Engineering “Yanta Cup”In 2014, it won the High Quality Project in Shaanxi Province "Chang'an Cup" award.

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